Kim addresses some of the most pressing issues related to tax and finance and offers his professional and personal insights into what matters most for Canadians.

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On-Demand Events


Artificial Intelligence and Tax

Join Kim for a webinar that explores the inevitable impact of AI on the accounting and legal professional practices. The session will cover the prominent AI large language models like ChatGPT 4, Grok, and other models expected to reach Canada soon. Watch a live demonstration of a tax AI provider called “Ask Blue J” and discuss the potential threat of professionals being displaced by AI.


Have You Started or Are Thinking of Starting Your Own Practice? — Session #2

As a follow-up to the first session presented in November 2023 where we discussed a broad array of basic considerations of what to think about when starting or developing your own practice.


Have You Started or Are Thinking of Starting Your Own Practice? — Session #1

Join Kim for the first in a series of informative and entertaining webinars that provide an overview of everything legal and accounting professionals need to know about launching their own firm, even if they are starting with just one employee.

I want to continue mentoring and empowering the next generation of leaders and professionals.

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In March 2020, I published my first book, “Making Life Less Taxing,” - an Amazon bestseller in several categories, including reaching: #1: Taxes; Industries and Professions; Accounting; Corporate; Corporate Tax Accounting; Tax Accounting. #2: Accounting and Finance. #3: Professional and Technical.


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