Kim G C Moody’s Musings – 1-1-1 Newsletter For April 17, 2024

1. Taxation – the Canadian Federal Budget was released on April 16, 2024. Quick taxation summary;
2. Leadership – good leaders express gratitude; and
3. Economics – Canada’s increased and out of control public debt charges are a serious threat to our continued prosperity.


Kim G C Moody’s Musings – 1-1-1 Newsletter For April 10, 2024

1. Taxation – is the CDN tax system at a tipping point? Yes…and the solution is tax reform / review;
2. Leadership – leaders need to speak up; and
3. Economics – our provinces lack of regard for proper budgetary planning is very concerning.



Kim G C Moody is quoted in the CBC News Story “Government falling short on promise to roll out automatic tax filing pilot, experts say,” on March 26, 2024.

Canada should move toward the U.K. model of taxation. Under that model, those with simple tax situations have their returns filed automatically but can correct any inaccuracies later. Read more of my thoughts on how the federal government is falling short of its promise to pilot a new automatic tax filing program for 2024. Read…


Kim G C Moody is quoted in the Investment Executive article “We know we need tax reform, but can’t agree how to do it,” on March 22, 2024.

“Many vulnerable Canadians miss out on benefits because they are either too intimidated to file taxes or can’t afford to pay for professional tax preparation.” I provide my thoughts to author Jonathan Got on how tax reform could mean easier access to benefits and provide a boost to productivity. Read the article HERE.


Kim addresses some of the most pressing issues related to tax and finance, and offers his professional and personal insights into what matters most for Canadians.

The 6th Anniversary of the Revamped TOSI Rules. Have They Been Effective?

In the latest podcast by Kim G C Moody, he reminisces on the 6th anniversary of the July 18, 2017 private corporation tax proposals. Specifically, he discusses:

  • A short review of the July 18, 2017 tax proposals and the fury that resulted after that time.
  • A discussion of whether or not the amendments to the tax on split income rules (“TOSI”) to curb income splitting amongst family members were necessary.
  • A short discussion on whether or not Canada should adopt “family taxation” as first proposed by The Royal Commission on Taxation’s report released in 1966. Wouldn’t family taxation eliminate the desire to income split?
  • Have the amended TOSI rules been effective?

Happy listening!


The Need For Tax Reform in Canada

I think it’s long overdue that Canada engages in comprehensive tax reform and review. Our country needs fresh eyes on how we tax, what we should tax, and how we improve our tax system for all Canadians.



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