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We Need to Repeal the Ridiculous Journalism Tax Credits

So how many of you know that Canada subsidizes our journalism industry?  It’s amazing to me that not many average Canadians know this.  And the knowledge of these credits amongst the professional community is also quite low… [Read more]



Kim G C Moody quoted in Investment Executive article, “Start early on Canadian departure tax planning,” on April 9, 2024.

“Kim G C Moody has noticed a spike in interest in departure tax matters in recent years, which he traces back to the feds enacting a new top personal income tax rate of 33% in 2016.” Read more of my observations and comments in the recent Investment Executive article titled “Start early on Canadian departure…


Kim G C Moody appears on the Canadian Tax Matters podcast “Budget 2024 – Capital Gains Decisions” on May 2, 2024.

Kim G C Moody recently appeared on Jay Goodis‘ Canadian Tax Matters podcast, “Budget 2024—Capital Gains Decisions,” where we discussed changes to capital gains taxation in this year’s Federal Budget. Should taxpayers recognize capital gains before June 25, 2024? To order the 90-minute replay, visit the Canadian Tax Matters website HERE.

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